Site preparation:
1. Prepare the wound according to wound management protocol.
2. Ensure that the skin surrounding the wound is dry. 
Dressing Application:
The size of the dressing selected should allow the absorbent pad to overlap the wound site by at least 1 cm.
1. Peel open the package and remove the dressing
2. Grasp the two edges of the dressing and gently tug to release the liner.
3. Remove entire release liner.
4. Center dressing over the wound site.
5. Stretch dressing to desired tension.
    The dressing tension is proportional to:
     -How much the dressing is stretched when it is applied.
     -How large the circumference of the limb or the size of the  abdomen.
6. Apply adhesive areas to intact surrounding skin.
7. Tension can be reduced after application by cutting some of the bands.
Site Care:
1. Observe the wound daily for signs of infection or edema.
2. Observe the surrounding skin after dressing removal for any signs of compromise.